Our Story

Our Vision

We believe the New Zealand government is doing a fantastic job in implementing their quality control policies. Nevertheless, I would like to discuss quality control from a different cultural viewpoint , from the view point of tangata whenua, the first people of New Zealand .

Mānuka honey is a high priced commodity in China and around the world. I believe Manuka Honey has been exploited by honey traders and packers in New Zealand and around the world.

According to Maori myths, tane is the creator and one of his children is Manuka .

The Manuka flowers, the bees , Rangi (the sun) , papatunuku (the ground) and Mānuka honey has been part of maori cultural , their whakapapa since creation but the world knows little about the relationship between Mānuka honey and tangata whenua.

We believe in our own version of quality, we believe in the hives to table concept. We offer an unique opportunity for anyone around the world who loves Mānuka honey to own a beehive in New Zealand, we want to establish a direct relationship between Manuka and tane, the landowners, the beekeepers, the resulting pristine Mānuka honey from Aotearoa and the end users of Mānuka honey.

The future of beekeeping and apiculture in New Zealand is not price, bigger and more efficient factories or tighter regulatory control. The future is to acknowledge and establish a direct relationship between tangata whenua , the hard working beekeepers (who work in the rain and get stung daily) and the customers.

Relationships will hopefully bring “fair trade” honey, just like “fair trade” coffee. Let us re-establish the 5000 years old DragonTaniwha relationship, let’s connect the 2 Whanauga (family) connected by blood/DNA from Taiwan (hawaiki) to Aotearoa New Zealand.

The story of Mānuka

“Ranginui (sky father) and Papatūānuku (earth mother) were locked in an eternal embrace. Their children became frustrated with the cramped conditions and decided to separate their parents – Tane Mahuta (god of the forests) lay on his back and forced his parents apart. He adorned Ranginui with the sun, moon and the stars. He also cloaked his mother with trees. Tane Mahuta had a union with Tawake-toro which gave rise to Mānuka. Tane Mahuta also introduced all our native tree species, our native birds and insects. Tane Mahuta also breathed live into the first female giving rise to humankind.”

– Victor Goldsmith

Tane Mahuta = Tawake-toro